Aroma Riserva ® & PlantPaper

High quality partnership in the name of sustainability


If there is one thing we all have in common regardless of nationality, race or creed is our planet. We often take it for granted, exploiting its resources,raw materials, polluting the air, water, soil and seas as if these were endless and eternal. The truth is that humanity is rapidly altering the planet’s delicate balance, doing very little to repair the damage it causes. Many mistakenly believe that it’s up to government agencies, states and corporations to do something about the environment not realizing that there are more than 7.5 billion people on the planet, and if each and every person did one small thing every day to help clean up the planet or at least favor sustainability, this small gesture multiplied by the huge number of people would have a big impact on our environment and mean a great deal to our world. Some have understood thisand decided to take responsibility and do something by changing lifestyle and adapting production processes to make them more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

Aroma Riserva®, and Modiform share this philosophy and have recently partnered with PlantPaper, also concerned with product quality and sustainability, to create a high quality product that can be both sustainable and competitively priced.

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Aroma Riserva® is a rapidly evolving brand, growing at a fast pace, launching new products and in the meanwhile trying to optimize and rationalize the production process. This rapid expansion and growth causes the impact on the environment to constantly change.

This is why it’s important to know that Aroma Riserva®’s commitment towards sustainability and corporate responsibility is solid and tangible. One of this year’s highlights is the improved sustainability in young plant production. Aroma Riserva® is among the first major young plant production companies in Europe, to opt for a revolutionary type of paper for its daily cuttings production.

With this major change Aroma Riserva® will cut the use of chemical glue on its paper pots by 100%, improving the air quality for the employees in the production sites. This special paper, developed in Europe by PlantPaper, is 100% natural and ecological.

It is produced using 100% biomaterials, it is sustainable, totally biodegradable (without any risk of contamination in the decomposition phase) and totally devoid of fungicides and adhesives made or derived from fossil fuel.

For those of you who are not already acquainted with PlantPaper, we can briefly say that in addition to the qualities mentioned above, it represents for all current and future users of paper pots in young plant production, a valid, ecological, sustainable and cost effective alternative.

In addition to the aforementioned natural resistance to fungi and the absence of hydrocarbon derived adhesives, PlantPaper can be used with any and all machinery for producing p a - per pots for young plant production available on the market today.

The founders and creators of PlantPaper are Merethe Ellegaard, the inventor of PlantPaper, daughter of the late Øvind Ellegaard, founder of Ellegaard AS and inventor of the product that still bears his name, and Carsten Storgaard former Ellegaard AS Manager. Merethe Ellegaard has worked in her father’s company from the day of its foundation and has been vice president and co-owner of the company from 1993 to 2005 and Marketing Director until 2009. Carsten Storgaard has worked as Service Manager and Sales Network Manager in Ellegaard from 2001 to 2012 and has a profound knowledge of the business. PlantPaper arises from Øvind Ellegaard’s desi- re to excel and further improve the environmental friendliness of his fist successful creation. Driven by the desire to experiment and find new solutions, Merethe’s father continued its search for innovative solutions until the day he died aged 76 in 2010.

Inspired by her father’s work Merethe developed a new formula, based on different raw materials, while remaining faithful to her father’s wish to develop an innovative and sustainable product. PlantPaper is the result of years of meticulous research, development and experimentation.

Roberto Vigo, production manager of Aroma Riserva® is enthusiastic about PlantPaper and confesses he notices “a substantial difference in the health of young plant roots. Our plants have not only become healthier and stronger, but also ended up growing more rapidly in their natural environment.”

“In the coming year we will continue our work to further improve production procedures and responsible purchasing policies. As part of our environmental strategy, we will work closely with our partners to define new standards for the sustainable production of aromatic plants. We will also continue to focus on health, encouraging consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle that improves their well-being.”

If you realize that the brand Aroma Riserva® is famous for the production of aromatic plants used for cooking and flavoring dishes, we can 40 only find their commitment to produce their edible product without using hydrocarbon based adhesives and fungicides in the process, commendable if not necessary, since these would finally end up in our gourmet dishes or in homemade goodies for our loved ones.

In the days when reading the microscopic ingredients on the wrapper of your children’s favorite snack, you wonder whether you’re looking at the recipe for the so called healthy treat advertised by cartoons, talking animals and dancing teens, or the formula for the solid propellant of the space shuttle’s rocket boosters, natural and truly sustainable products are most welcome. Products that don’t simply brag about sustainability but are truly such and can guarantee to those who produce them and finally consume them, maximum sustainability and naturalness and by doing so, help maintain our beautiful and unique planet clean and livable.