About us



When it comes to paper for Paperpots,

it is important to make the right choice.

 PlantPaper guarantees that you will have the best quality of paper, great results in your production at very competitive prices.
The PlantPaper staff has a solid background in horticulture, with many years of experience with clients around the world. We are the right choice for you!

This is our guarantee: Quality - Experience - Competitive prices - 100% Natural certified wood fibers


  • Be the preferred partner for our clients

  • Provide the best and most modern Paperpots propagation system

  • Take a greater environmental responsibility 



  • Encourage innovative ideas and research to offer the best solutions to our clients.

  • Listen to clients' demands and create solutions which are not available in the market yet.

  • Incorporate the customer's feedback in our research for better products.

OUR investor

Christian Ree

Our active investor

Karsten Ree Holding B owns a considerable part of PlantPaper and Christian Ree (Karsten's son) is chairman of the board.

In 2015, Karsten entrusted his son Christian Ree to be head of all investments in Karsten Ree Holding B, which has a strong focus on environmentally sustainable investments. PlantPaper fits that profile perfectly, and as a result Christian Ree has chosen to be chairman of the board himself. So far Christian has only entered the board of 3 of the more than 30 companies which the holding company is currently investing in.

OUR Founders

Merethe Ellegaard


Carsten StorGaard

Co-Founder & CEO

We have ALL the necessary items to implement in your Paperpot propagation system:

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