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Gruppo Padana

PlantPaper was the obvious choice for Gruppo Padana. We work with a company that has the market’s sharpest environmental profile and who markets glue-free and biodegradable products. As the material provided is of a consistently high quality, PlantPaper is the optimal partner for us.

Giorgio Gazzola (Italy)

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Vigo Gerolamo Srl

Vigo Gerolamo is specialised in producing exclusive Mediterranian herbs at Albenga on the Italian Riviera. Dry, hot summers and mild winters are ideal conditions for growing strong aromatic herb plants. They say you can taste the Mediterranean breezes and sunshine in every single leaf! PlantPaper’s fully degradable paperpots are glue-free and imperative to the outstanding quality of the product we work with on a daily basis.

Roberto Vigo (Italy)

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Agrekal Tarım

For the past 25 years, we at Agrekal Tarim have specialized in nursing young plants for both agriculture and horticulture. We produce Paperpots in different sizes for nurseries in Turkey and chose PlantPaper as our supplier since 2016. We provided our customers with different pots from PlantPaper to run trials for different plant types and varieties. The tests and trials gave us formidable feedback: 
- Plants rooted earlier than with comparable paper 
- Each plant had more roots 
- Plants were strong and healthy. 

Therefore, we chose PlantPaper! 
Our own experience with PlantPaper as a producer is positive. PlantPaper allows peat dust to escape. As a result, there is less dust and therefore better growing conditions in the Paperpot substrate. The holes in the paper allow for fast, easy draining and offer the roots an easy way out.

Wael Weshahi (Turkey)

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