The PlantPaper system


Plantpaper Paperpot Plant

Our Paperpot is a 100% biobased paper sleeve that wraps growing media, replacing conventional plastic pot or bag. The Paperpot goes with the plant to the field or garden, where the roots will easily grow through the paper. Our certificates are our guarantee.


PlantPaper’s eco-friendly Paperpot provides optimal growing conditions for your plants. The unique and pioneering open paper pattern, provides better airflow to the root system and allows the fine roots to grow without restrictions. This creates stronger and healthier plants with reduced growing time in the greenhouse and longer sales window. PlantPaper gives you the opportunity to deliver the best quality to your customers. PlantPaper integrates seamlessly and can be adapted to all Paperpot systems currently available on the market. PlantPaper U1 is fully degradable and chemical-free. Furthermore, PlantPaper U1 has achieved the certification of OK compost and welds together without the use of glue.


  • Higher air Circulation

  • Healthier and uniform plants

  • Faster rooting and stronger growth

  • Free lateral rooting

  • Higher survival rate

  • No transplant shock or root trauma

  • Easy water management

  • Reduced waste of substrate and water

  • Suitable for automation

  • Fully sustainable solution

  • Saving on labor costs

  • Faster propagation time

  • Shorter production cycles

  • Higher yield and faster to plant out, no plastic pot to remove

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Important differences between Degradable, Biodegradable and Compostable 


Degradable simply means that something breaks down into smaller pieces over time. Today, most Paperpots sold in the horticulture market contains plastic fibres that will degrade into microplastic. It is invisible to the human eye, but it is still plastic pollution.  


Biodegradable is also degrading, but it does something more: It is broken down by the metabolism of micro-organisms, leading to the production of CO2, H2O, methane, biomass and mineral salts, depending on the environmental conditions of the process.


When something is compostable, it means that it biodegrades. But it will completely degrade within a certain amount of time, under certain conditions, leaving no harmful residues - such as microplastics or heavy metals in the soil. Composting has many beneficial purposes, including improvement and fertilization of the soil.


Because of its unique origin from natural and 100% biobased components, our paper has obtained  OK compost   and OK biobased  certifications.   These are the highest certifications you will find in the industry. All raw materials used in our paper come from reliable suppliers in Europe. These raw materials are natural, fully degradable and environmentally friendly.

Crops & Segments

Forestry segment


Launch your business to the next level by taking advantage of a wide number of cost-saving benefits such as healthier and stronger root development, an increased volume of secondary roots, faster transplanting and much more.

Pot and bedding segments

Pot & Bedding

With the PlantPaper System, growing your Pot & Bedding crops will not only be easier and quicker, but the resulting product will equally be much healthier. In fact, younger plants will benefit from greater uniformity and the crop timing cycle, as a result, will be shortened.

Vegetables, fruits and nuts segments

Tree & Fruits

Most of crops can be grown in a new and improved manner with PlantPaper System. Notably so, we have excellent results with fruits, herbs, scrubs, coffee as well as other crops and plants. The reported benefits included a reduced propagation time, healthier and stronger root development as well as higher uniformity - just to name a few.

Other crop types

Other Crops

Each and every crop segment can actually profit from the PlantPaper Propagation System. Start taking advantage of an accelerated crop timing cycle, all while attaining a more vigorous plant development.

How about paperpot sizes options?


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PlantPaper's production machines are modern, very flexible and run with high speed and reliability.
Produced paper sizes 

(lenght: 1400m)

15 mm 40 mm
18 mm 45 mm
20 mm 48 mm
25mm 50 mm
30mm 60 mm
32mm 70 mm
35 mm 80 mm
36 mm 100 mm
40 mm
120  mm